Fishermen Get Stuck in Trawler Net After One of the Biggest Catches EVER

Here we can see a major catch made by this fish trawler. The size of the net is pretty big, but whats crazy is the depth of this pile and the fact that fishermen are literally struggling to get up above the pile. Trawlers usually catch huge amounts of fish, but this catch seems gigantic in comparison to most regular trawlers.

There’s also a pretty big risk factor involved in trawling when being a person on deck. The risk of a fatal injury was 41 times higher than the average for workers in the United States. This makes fish trawling a risky business to get into. Although the risk of injury are high, the payouts are much higher, making it a dangerous yet highly profitable business.

Another factor to take into account is the fact that some of these trawlers hold so many fish that some people are bothered that they are draining the sea of its living organisms. Other trawlers known as “super trawlers” literally vacuum entire habitats of fish and leave with them all in one clean sweep. This is something to worry about in the future if we don’t want all living things to go extinct, including us humans.