Fishermen find mysterious creature floating in the sea, approach and discover the tragic [VIDEO]

Fishermen from Mexico came across a species that needed help to live. Video was broadcast on Facebook.

Viral video has touched Facebook users all over the world. A group of fishermen from Mexico came across a mysterious creature floating in the sea during their working day. Without knowing what it was, they approached with their boat.

When the workers reached the point where the species was located, which at one point they thought was marine, they were in for a big surprise. In reality it was a land animal that was desperately swimming to save its life.

The shocking images were recorded on a beach in the city of Baja California Sur, the sovereign state of Mexico. The video was uploaded to the net by one of the fishermen, Abraham Lozano, who also gave details of the animal they happily saved. What creature is it?

As can be seen in the visual material, the fishermen noticed that the mysterious creature was nothing less than an adult dog and they took the trouble to call it in every way possible in order to get it out of the water alive.

The viral video shows the canine exhausted from having swum for several minutes away from the shore. One of the workers assures that the animal was abandoned to its fate at sea and sentenced to die.

Near the area where the dog was found, no other boat or boat was located, so the owner of the pet could not be found. The Facebook portal that shared the clip also posted a photo, which indicates with a brief description that the dog is healthy and safe.