Fishermen Compete Against Killer Whales For Prey From The Sea And The Unexpected Happens [VIDEO]

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You can not believe it. A shocking event went viral on YouTube, showing how several fishermen have to compete against intelligent animals.

You have to see it. On YouTube went viral the precise moment when a dispute arises between a fisherman and a hungry killer whales to catch huge tunas in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean . The impressive video became a trend in countries like Mexico, Colombia and the United States.

Orcas are a species of cetaceans known to be lethal and very intelligent. These can make almost any animal their prey, being one of their favorites the tuna that the fishermen try to catch.

The tuna can be very fast for these predators, that’s why these intelligent animals take advantage of the fishermen who hunt the tunas to try to rob them.

As shown in the viral video on YouTube , huge tunas migrate from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, as every year, so that fishermen put bait to catch them.

When the tunas are captured, it is precisely when the orcas make their appearance that they bite the tuna that is ascending to the surface to eat it. Thus, when it reaches the surface, fishermen find their prey torn up.

Thousands of YouTube users shared by BBC Earth , have been perplexed with the great intelligence of these animals, to take advantage of a great opportunity, thanks to the fishermen.


Source: La Republica