Fishermen Capture A Dinosaur Of The Deep After A Half Hour Battle (VIDEO)

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You must see it. Thanks to a video, which shows a couple of fisherman reeling in a huge fish.

In case you did not know, ‘ Monsters of Rio ‘ is a TV show that features the driving of the Jeremy, the famous fisherman of extreme cane that travels all over the world in search of new river animals that have a particular aspect, like in this video.

“After a rigorous search, Jeremy finally finds his prehistoric predator, the powerful arapaima,” he says in the description

In the first moments of the clip you can see the fisherman trying to capture the creature, after a few seconds, the man realized that a huge animal had been “hooked” on his line. It was a Pirarucú.

This species is better known as ‘paiche’ and is the second largest fish in the world, after ‘beluga sturgeon’. Its enormous size has impacted thousands of citizens from Mexico.


Source: La Republica