Fisherman’s Line Breaks So He Does Something Totally Unexpected…

On March 7, 2019 in Lake Lanier, Georgia, a man was casually fishing and caught a bite from a decent sized fish, then suddenly the line breaks and he snap decides to jump in and grab that bad boy! With submission of the video, the fisherman had this to say.

“I was fishing and the water was about 50 degrees and I tried to swing the fish in the boat and the line broke so I dove in and grabbed the fish before it got away.”

It seems as if he didn’t even expect to jump in the water, but once the line broke he just had the sudden urge to dive in there to finish the job. He ends up getting soaked but in the end it was worth it because he was super excited to catch a fish like that. Thankfully he was filming because it ended up making an awesome video clip to show his friends/family and upload to Youtube!

What an awesome guy.

Source: ViralHog