Fisherman Is Shocked When He Reels In This 100 Year Old Mutant Fish (See Photo)

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After being baffled by the unusual fish, Jason Fugate went to the experts to determine what species he belongs to.

A “giant golden shining fish” of 91 centimeters long and weighing 14.5 kilos was caught at the end of last April in an American lake by Jason Fugate, a 33-year-old amateur, who not only baffled the fisherman, but it even ended up being news in the local media, which tried to find out what species it belonged to. 

After asking the local experts, Fugate turned to Dr. Alec Lackmann, an expert biologist at the University of North Dakota. Thanks to that scientist now the mystery of the capture in Lake Brainerd Lakes, in Minnesota, has been solved: it is a buffalo fish, possibly more than 100 years old. 

The buffalo fish (Ictiobus cyprinellus), the largest of the North American suckling family, can reach more than one meter in length and weigh about 18 kilos. However, this freshwater fish is normally light in colour, and the rare colour of the Fugate prey initially surprised the experts. 

“But when I saw the first images that Jason sent me, I was quite surprised because it was a bright orange,” Lackmann said last week, quoted by  KSTP-TV . 

When examining the otolith of the fish and the calcium structure of its inner ear, the expert supposed that it was at least 100 years old and the advanced age or a genetic mutation could be the reason for the unique bright colour of the creature.

Fisherman Is Shocked When He Reels In This 100 Year Old Mutant Fish


Source: Actualidad RT

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