Fisherman Finds Scary Creature that Inspired the Movie Alien

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On a beach in Samil, in Vigo, Spain, a strange marine creature was found that is very similar to the one that appears in the movie Alien .

The creature that is in Alien is known as Phronima Sedentaria, a crustacean that empties other creatures so that their eggs can nest inside their corpses.

A woman found this specimen half buried in the sand of this Spanish beach . It is said that Phronima Sedentaria lives in open waters and rarely reaches the sand.

The owner, found her dog playing with the creepy creature and immediately took it to the diving center in the Cíes Islands of Vigo, since she has always defended marine life; In addition, she believed that it was a great discovery.

Fisherman Finds Scary Creature that Inspired the Movie Alien

The specialists commented that it was common to find this species in the zones.

The marine animal that inspired Ridley Scott’s film was similar to a sand flea, but with small creatures inside it that looked extremely slimy, and possessed enormous claws.

The scientific community is investigating how this creature came to the coast of Vigo, because theoretically they can not survive outside the water.

In the sea you can find various creatures of gloomy appearances as the case of the Kraken or a Russian fisherman who collects all kinds of strange fish found in their voyages.

Do you like science fiction movies? Have you seen the movie Alien?

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Source: La NetaNoticias