Fisherman Finds Him Drowning In Lake, Throws Him A Life jacket And The Unexpected Happens [VIDEO]

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A viral YouTube video shows the precise moment that a man discovered a mysterious being who was drowning in a gigantic lake.

Unexpected scene. A viral video was shared through You Tube that shocked thousands of users, after a fisherman went through the worst experience of his life after boarding a boat and finding a strange creature about to die by drowning in a lake near a gigantic forest. Thanks to his quick action he was able to launch a lifeguard and discover the true identity of the being in the water.

The viral YouTube video recorded the precise moment when a mysterious black creature began to drown while trying to cross a deep lake. After several seconds of tension, the fisherman grabbed a lifeguard from his boat and threw it with full force into the water to save his life, without imagining that he would be surprised by an unusual animal that emerged from the depths.

After the rapid rescue, the man could appreciate the true appearance of the hairy creature that seconds before had been about to die drowned in a huge lake.  A mischievous monkey put his life at risk by crossing a river for having been expelled from his pack.

The monkey began swimming with all his strength to reach the other end of the lake, but unfortunately he did not succeed, since the depth of the landscape played tricks on him and he almost ended his life. The YouTube viral video brought out the exact moment when the monkey holds on to the lifeguard and abruptly climbs into the boat.

Incident that caused the scare of the fisherman and his crew, who did not stop recording the unusual rescue in a viral YouTube video . “I confess that both the guide and I were a little scared, because we did not know what the animal’s reaction was”, confessed the guide in social networks.

In the clip shared on YouTube he showed the monkey running towards the bow, while he waited for the right moment to jump into a tree and slipped through the bushes. On the other hand, thousands of users did not miss the opportunity to highlight the goodness of men and the courage of the primate.

“Thank you for saving him! I hope you have more luck on the other side of the lake, “” Wonderful, poor monkey looked so tired, “cute” good work, “the Internet users wrote. 

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Source: La Republica