Fisherman Entices Fish To Surface With Coca Cola Mentos Mints And Raw Eggs (VIDEO)

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You will not believe it. A shocking YouTube video revealed the incredible ‘trick’ that a young fisherman uses to catch fish from a deep hole in the ground. The man made a peculiar mixture that left thousands impacted.

A viral YouTube video has caused all kinds of reactions since it revealed the peculiar ‘technique’ that a young fisherman uses to catch his daily livelihood. The boy revealed that when throwing Coca Cola, Mentos and raw egg into a hole in the ground, huge catfish emerge instantly. The unusual recording quickly became a trend in different social networks, especially in countries such as Mexico , the United States and Spain.

The publication has been shared by the account Technique Tools on YouTube . In the first minutes of the viral video you can see the fisherman loading his instruments to carry out the experiment inside a mud pit.

It is worth mentioning that on YouTube , this is not the first time that an experiment with Coca Cola for fishing has been broadcast . The current publication that is a trend in social networks has more than 11 million views and hundreds of comments from netizens.

The man mixing the three inputs: Coca Cola, Mentos and egg, as a result emerged huge fish that were hidden inside the hole. Through this note we share the viral video of YouTube has made a great impression on users.

“This man is a bonnet to put the Coca Cola soda with the Mentos inside the hole,” “I never imagined that he would do that to catch the animals, ” were some of the comments read in the YouTube post .

If you want to see this unexpected fishing that went viral on YouTube , we invite you to check out our photo gallery. Remember that to see the images, all you have to do is slide each one to the left.

Pour Coke and mints in strange hole and dozens of fish emerge in seconds

Thousands of YouTube users have been more than surprised, after sharing an unusual video in which a young fisherman revealed the ‘trick’ he uses to catch all kinds of fish. To the surprise of thousands of users, the young man threw Coca Cola and mints into a mysterious hole near the shore of a beach. What happened? Check out the following clip that has amazed hundreds of people in countries like Mexico, Spain and the United States.

On YouTube there are many experiments that are carried out with Coca Cola and Mentos candies , because when fused they create a great chemical reaction, due to the components of which they are made. Therefore, the author of the viral video took advantage of these compounds to prove it in fishing .


Source: La Republica