Fisherman Enters the Bottom of the Sea and Ends Up Attached to Huge Octopus [VIDEO]

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You will not believe what happened. A risky fisherman surprised after he appeared ‘hooked’ with a huge octopus .

The filming that was recorded through a GoPro, after a fisherman shared the video of his experience in the ocean. The man entered the bottom of the sea where he ran into a huge octopus, who was attached on his arm for a long time.

Thousands of lovers of marine life were amazed to see the giant creature that appeared on the recording of the seaman. This was his first excursion dressed with some instruments to dive.

“This afternoon would be a fishing day; however, I chose to get out of the routine and immerse myself in the sea to catch the animals that paint the celestial waters of the ocean in colors. An incredible experience , “said the fisherman.

Check out the YouTube viral video here:

The images show the exact moment in which the diver tried to take a huge octopus of eight tentacles to the surface, while it continues to embrace and trusting the him. 

“How beautiful are the animals of the sea”, “I’m sure this was the best experience in the sea”, “There is nothing better than being surrounded by fish”.


Source: La Republica