Fisherman Catches Rare Fish With a Swollen Stomach, He Reaches Inside with His Hand and Extracts Something Creepy [VIDEO]

Thousands of YouTube users were shocked by what was found in the stomach of a strange fish caught deep in the Pacific Ocean.

Chilling find. A YouTube viral video recorded the instant a man caught a dead fish from the sea, but noticed its bulging stomach and put his hand through its snout, not imagining it would bring out something chilling. The fisherman did not hesitate to share the images in Mexico, Spain and the United States.

A quiet afternoon of fishing for a man in the Bahamian Sea became the worst day of his life, after catching a dead fish, whose strange appearance caused him to shiver from his bulging stomach. The YouTube video went viral in Mexico, Spain and the United States.

Man’s worst
For this reason, the fisherman did not stay with his arms crossed and decided to find out what was inside the strange animal. The YouTube viral video showed how the man carefully reached into his hand and pulled the unthinkable out of the bulging stomach of the Groper fish.

As in a horror movie, the fisherman took out one by one the plastic bags that the unfortunate fish swallowed in its natural habitat. Man-made environmental pollution wreaked unimaginable havoc on the species and caused its imminent death.

The locals didn’t miss the opportunity to record on a YouTube viral video the moment they took out three plastic bags inside the stomach of the fish, which they swallowed with one bite thinking it was stuck with food. In addition, in the recording the captain was heard to attribute the plastic contamination as the culprit of the deterioration of the state of the fish.

Watch the YouTube viral video: