Fisherman Catches Mysterious Clam and A Terrifying Hidden Creature Comes Out of Its Interior and Leaves Him Terrified [VIDEO]

Unusual. A Facebook viral video shows the terrifying appearance of a sea creature hiding inside a clam caught by a man at sea.

Impressive discovery. A young fisherman found a terrifying sea creature inside a clam as it sailed through a bay in Japan to capture animals. The fact shared on Facebook has gone viral, leaving thousands of users speechless.

The man took a small boat tour of Suruga Bay on the Pacific coast in Shizuoka, Japan. Because he intended to fish; however, he did not imagine running into a strange creature.

After several minutes of sailing the sea, the fisherman threw his hook to catch a clam. He carefully placed it on the edge of his boat in fear of any accident or still alive.

For this reason, he took out his cell phone to record the incredible event and be able to publish it on social networks, but he was surprised at the moment when the clam began to move and inside a mysterious marine animal could be observed.

Inside the shell was a small octopus that had been hidden to prevent being caught by the fisherman. As can be seen in the images on Facebook, the mollusk pushed with its tentacles to get out.

After a few seconds, the octopus took impulse to return to its home and threw itself of the boat towards sea before the attentive look of the man, who was accompanied by his partner. Both could not believe that they witnessed an unusual fact that has quickly become viral on Facebook and other social networks.

The ABC News page was responsible for spreading the images on Facebook and has obtained more than one million reproductions. Several users were surprised with the action of camouflage that had the octopus to avoid being captured.

In this article we share with you the original Facebook video that shows the strange creature that hid inside a clam to avoid being caught by a fisherman, who was traveling through a sea in Japan. Thousands of users were speechless when they learned what the animal looked like.