Fisherman Catches a Trout and Discovers that It Has a Strange Object in Its Tail

The discovery intrigued those who found it, until the ex-owner explained why he got rid of the ring in that unusual way.

On Friday, June 21, Jim Nelligan and his teammates caught a rainbow trout with a wedding ring tied to the tail fin on Chicago’s Lake Michigan, reports the Chicago Sun Times .

The find intrigued the fishermen, until the ex-owner, Jason Rose, related why he decided to get rid of the object in that way. He said, quoted by the media, a few years after ending their marriage – which lasted almost a decade, tied the ring to the fish on May 4 and released him in the lake near the port of Whitehall in Michigan.

“I’m a fishing guide, she was always against my continuing my dreams and I hated that I was fishing so much,” the man explained. “It’s been four years since our divorce, I felt I needed to get rid of that ring, but I did not want to just throw it in the bottom, pawn it or do something like that, so I launched it the best way I know.”

Jason Rose said he is convinced that the ring is “cursed”, and said his life has been “great” since he got rid of it.