Fish Casts REVENGE on Fisherman and Costs Him a HUGE Expense

On March 17, 2019 in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, a kayak fisherman made a pretty nice catch on a medium sized fish. But this catch came at an expense and it wasn’t cheap. It turns out that the fisherman had his GoPro on board and didn’t have it latched down on to anything to keep it firmly in place. Shortly after he had put the fish into the container part of his kayak, he placed the GoPro on top of it and the fish started to get an idea…

In order to get revenge it seems, the fish decided to start flopping around like crazy causing the lid of the container to fly up and send the GoPro way out over the boat and into the water. Therefore this catch came at a price and i don’t think the fisherman was happy about losing his GoPro which can retail up to $599.95. The perks of fishing on a larger boat which he seemed to have some friends on in the background is that things do not fly off as easily but hey, stuff happens right?

After the loss, he had this to say. “Kayak fishing off the Gold Coast. A fish took final revenge and kicked my GoPro off the kayak.” So always watch out for those wild flopping fish that can send your valuables flying!

Source: ViralHog