Filled Fish Spasms for TWO MINUTES after being Fatally Mutilated

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March 30 – The non-profit organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ( PETA, by its acronym in English) shared a shocking video in which you can see the ‘will to live’ of a fish that had recently been cut.

In the publication the organization PETA placed a message to raise awareness among users about respect for all life forms:

“Remember that all living beings, including fish, are made of flesh and blood, and we all deserve to live.”

In the footage, with a duration of just over 30 seconds, you can see the impressive moment when a fish that had already been filleted continues to move for a couple of minutes, which caused a lot of reactions on social networks.

On the one hand, several people joined PETA and assured that due to the cruelty to which they are subjecting the animals, they have chosen to become vegans, as they have no intention of contributing to the systematic murder of living beings.

On the other hand, users scoffed at PETA’s call to conscience, and posted images of fried food and dishes involving meat or fish they spoke out against the vegan ideal that seeks to spread the organization.

Without a doubt, the recording is chilling and the debates that it provokes are a daily dispute in these times.


Source: La Neta Noticias