Fight To The Death Between Two Bull Frogs For A Female In Heat Has A Tragic End [VIDEO]

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A boy caught in a viral Facebook video the brutal fight between two huge frogs “alpha male” for a female mating stage.

Deadly fight. A viral video from Facebook recorded the terrifying discovery of a boy during an excursion through a leafy swamp in Archafalaya in the United States . What happened? the tourist was speechless after seeing the fierce battle between two bull frogs for the attention of a female in heat ; However, what caused the astonishment of thousands of users on social networks were the chilling sounds that the little creatures released.

The viral Facebook recording recorded the moment when two “ alpha male ” frogs inflated their vocal sack and placed themselves in an attack position to unleash a deadly battle, whose winner would be more likely to mate with the female of the group. However, the boy never imagined that he would hear strange sounds that would make his hair stand on end.

Fierce battle

The person in charge of the viral Facebook video was ‘speechless’ when he witnessed the confrontation between two huge frogs “alpha males” by a female, who watched from afar the performance of both suitors. However, the fight not only focused on the strange sound, but on wild scratches, bites and kicks.

According to wildlife experts, female frogs are more attracted to the male who makes a low frequency and long duration call. For this reason, in the viral Facebook clip we heard strange sounds that escaped his skin.

The famous ” vocal calls ” can be heard up to a kilometer away, this detail helps the female in her choice of the male to consent to mating. The man captured in a viral Facebook video the exact moment when the bull frogs amplified their sound thanks to the extension of their oral cavity and was heard at a great distance from the swamp.

However, to the surprise of thousands of users on Facebook , the brutal fight between the two bull frogs had an unexpected end, since the viral video culminated before showing the decision of the female. Just a few hours after its publication, the clip accumulated more than 600 thousand views, 729 shares and 4 thousand comments.

“They’re like two water balloons fighting,” “the sound is deafening,” “they didn’t hurt themselves, it was just to impress the female,” “fantastic!” The users wrote on social media .

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Source: La Republica