Fierce Animal Emerges From The Depths Of A Lake To Devour The Prey Of Fishermen [VIDEO]

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Scary. A video shared on Facebook shows the awful moment that a couple of fishermen lived, when a huge reptile approached them to take away their prey.

On Facebook, the exact moment when two fishermen took the fright of their lives when they caught a fish in an Australian lake and a huge predator snatched them became viral. The clip quickly became a trend in the countries of United States and Canada.

Facebook has become one of the most popular platforms in the world, thanks to thousands of users uploading several videos every day that surprise others. This is the case of the clip that a young man shared while enjoying his visit in an Australian lake.

The images uploaded to Facebook, reveals the reaction of two fishermen who were happy to have caught a fish with their fishing rod, however, while they were taking it off the shore, something left them stunned.

And, a huge crocodile quickly emerged from the lake to snatch their prey, catching the fish with its mouth, as well as frightening tourists.

The theft was recorded in Cahills Crossing, an area of ​​the Kakadu National Park, in northern Australia, known because several saltwater crocodiles inhabit.

Although it is a very dangerous area, the place is visited by several tourists who go fishing , downplaying the warning signs.

Below we leave you the viral Facebook clip…

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