Ferri Runs Aground In Spain And Has To Be Evacuated Urgently

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Almost 400 passengers had to be evacuated after a ferry ran aground near midnight in the jetty of the port of Dénia, in Spain

It was around 23:20 hours in Dénia (Alicante), in Spain, when a ferry ended up running aground at the port’s pier when carrying about 393 passengers, who fortunately left unharmed and have been evacuated to land, by the Service Salvage, Maritime, The Civil Guard of the Sea and the Local Police of the town of Alicante.

The reports that have been so far, is that the ferry called Pinar del Río was preparing to dock at the port of Alicante but ran aground without causing injuries between passengers and crew.

However, despite the accident, emergency services evacuated passengers an hour after the accident occurred, said the Emergency Service of the Generalitat Valenciana.

It should be mentioned that the ferry arrived from Palma de Mallorca and Ibiza, which brought about 70 vehicles, as for the transfer of passengers ended after two in the morning.

However, for passengers who could not disembark their vehicles, two buses were enabled, one to Valencia and another to Alicante, with stops both in different towns.

The authorities of Baleària have promised that they will keep in touch with customers who still have the vehicle on board to inform them when they will be able to remove it, while it has been able to disembark and deliver all the belongings they had on board to passengers.

To avoid further affectations, the shipping company will relocate customers who had to travel with the Pinar del Río, even in the next few days, on the Dénia-Ibiza-Palma route, on the Cecilia Payne, Ramon Llull and Marie Curie ships.

At the moment it is a company of underwater services who is evaluating the damage recorded in the starboard hull, in order to develop the plan to refloat the ship and transfer it to the port, which will be where the vehicles can disembark.

Ferri Runs Aground In Spain And Has To Be Evacuated Urgently


Source: la verdad noticias