Ferocious Shark Corners Diver Without Protection What Happens Next is Unexpected [VIDEO]

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This scene of a diver who goes deep into the sea and encounters a fearsome shark. The clip went viral in social networks.

Sharks are wild animals, so it is no accident that have unexpected behaviour when they feel threatened. Several encounters of people have been shocking leaving them with serious injuries.

Many of these attacks happen when divers enter without adequate protection measures to swim next to these wild animals. For tourists who are not used to these encounters, it is important to enter a protection box.

In the viral video, a diver entered the bottom of the ocean meeting a huge shark of more than two meters and touches the head. At that time, the animal closes the eye as a measure of protection.

After the encounter the professional diver, accustomed to swimming with the sharks, moves him away, pushing him with his hand, as a measure of protection. 


Source: La Republica