Ferocious Crocodile Knocks Out a Policeman and Wounds Another by Headbutting Them [VIDEO]

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A huge crocodile knocked out a policeman and wounded another in the head while being taken to a van.

An unusual and surprising scene that quickly went viral, because it shows the moment when a fearsome crocodile knocks down a policeman and wounds another in the head. 

The residents of  Ocoee, Florida, were astonished when they saw a fearsome crocodile more than 2 meters long walking around their neighbourhood, so they called the police and a specialized center to capture it.

The agents arrived quickly and the ‘crocodile hunter‘ did his job: he grabbed the huge animal and took it out of a house that he had entered moments before. The hard work had its fruits, but the crocodile would not give up easily.

While they were lifting the reptile into the truck, he hit an agent, the hard blow caused the man to fall to the ground. Other workers tried to contain the dangerous animal and take it to the truck where it would be taken to its habitat, but he would not give up.

The other two policemen loaded the heavy animal, but their inexperience in this type of case meant they could not avoid one last attack. The crocodile that was already in the door of the truck moved his heavy body and gave him a hard blow to the face with his tail and also of an agent who was carrying him.

The impact caused the agent to back off and everyone let go of the animal, which fell to the floor. 

The video was captured by a child onlooker, the unusual event that could have cost someone’s life. To the joy of the community, the crocodile, which apparently was looking for food, is already in a place far from them living in it’s habitat.


Source: La Republica