Female Moose Struggles to Save Her Own Life After Dangerous Encounter With Thin Ice

On March 31, 2019 in Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, a family spotted a moose struggling to pull herself out from the water. It seemed like she was traveling across the lake but when she reached a thin patch of ice, she ended up falling through. With the average weight of a moose being 200-360 kg for a female moose, its no surprise they would easily fall through thin ice.

The mom who was recording the video as they we’re cheering for the moose to make it out stated. “A moose fell through the spring ice on Little Salamatoff Lake in Alaska. She was, thankfully, able to extricate herself. Many moose die during these incidents.”

It is true that many animals die in these icy lake incidents and it is great that the moose ended up saving itself from what could’ve been a horrific death. It seemed like if the moose continued to struggle, the father would’ve went outside to help pull it out.

Source: ViralHog