Fearsome Sea Creature Attacks an Unprotected Diver and This Is What Happens [VIDEO]

This is shocking!!  Thousands of YouTube users have been stunned to witness the encounter between a huge sea ​​creature and a diver at the bottom of the sea. The impressive video was quickly shared on social networks where it went viral.

Enter the depths of the sea is not easy, you must know how to hold the air for a long time in case of an emergency and especially be careful with the dangerous creatures that live there, because they can kill you.

The YouTube viral video shows divers who entered the depths of the ocean when they were surrounded by several sharks. A hammerhead shark quickly approached one of them to attack him , however, the man had a great reaction to evade the aggression .

The hammerhead tried to bite him , but his prolonged head was used in favour of the diver to stop him with his hand and thus prevent him from biting him. When the predator felt he could not move forward, he walked away. However, he again tried to attack the man, but he, once again, pushed him away with his hand.

Hammerhead sharks are known for the particularity that their head has a ‘T’ shape , with eyes and nostrils at the ends of their big head , thanks to this they can have a broader view of what is happening around them.

Thousands of YouTube users were impressed with the shared video and the luck the diver had to have a quick reaction and evade the predator .