Fearsome Alligator Approaches a Man and He Has This Amazing Reaction [VIDEO]

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A huge reptile dangerously approaches a man in a river , however, his reaction surprised everyone.

Amazing. A man is alone in a river until a terrifying alligator approached him, then the unexpected happens. 

A man, named Lance Lacrosse, dived into the Mississippi River in the United States with his clothes on. While he was in the middle of the river, an enormous alligator approached him, provoking the fright of several people who watched him from the shore.

The reptile approached Lance and when everyone believed that the animal was going to attack him, he took it by the neck and one of its legs, raised it and embraced it creating a touching scene. The alligator did not try to hurt him, on the contrary he wanted a little affection.

What happens is that Lacrosse, 30, is a tour guide who from his childhood interacts with several reptiles, including alligators. His daring actions have earned him the palms of thousands of people since he can feed one of these reptiles with his mouth, even make the famous step of the movie ‘Dirty Dancing’, starring Patrick Swayze.

However, he knows the dangerous risk he faces. Once his finger was almost mutilated after an alligator bit him, he also had to flee in a boat when a crocodile chased him.

Lance, who is the father of three children, said that these animals are dangerous and can drag you to the bottom of the water when you least expect it. “Half of a gator’s body is its tail, so if it even bites me a bit, it can drag me underwater,” he said.

“He can swim straight to my face but I have his mouth closed,” he says. “Then, if he throws himself at me, all he can do is push me in . He could bite me a bit, but he’s not going to take a big bite in my face.”

People were amazed with the great maneuvers he does with the terrifying reptiles , since any false move can cost him his life.



Source: La Republica