Fearless Baby Hippo Bullies Crocodile Then Pushes His Luck With A Buffalo  [VIDEO]

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An unexpected outcome is causing a sensation on social networks, as it shows the shocking behaviour that a baby hippo had against a ferocious crocodile and a huge buffalo that tried to invade its territory, without imagining that the small mammal would prevent it.

The animals of Africa are very territorial, normally they do not allow another animal of different species to share their same space, which creates several conflicts between them. Also, this is due to the fact that their habitat is being reduced little by little due to the invasion of people.

A man was very close to a river watching some crocodiles enjoying a sunny day, when a little hippo burst his rest to terrify the crocodiles. The fierce mammal came very close to the crocodile to move it away from its territory.

The crocodile had to return to the water to escape the enraged hippopotamus, however, this followed him to the bottom of the river, until the crocodile left.

The Hippo would not stop there, he also wanted to torment a huge buffalo that crossed his path, however, the bison was not afraid and confronted him.

The baby hippo was very scared to see the huge creature with which he had to fight and fled learning a great lesson, that he should not mess with these animals.

Everyone has been surprised by the bravery of the hippopotamus being so small. Below you can see the viral video.


Source: La Republica