Facebook Viral: Penguin Does Not Want Seagull To Drink Water From Its Lagoon And Attacks It Mercilessly [VIDEO]

A tourist recorded in a viral Facebook video the brutal attack suffered by a bird, after entering a penguin enclosure to take the water from the lagoon.

Hard cruelty. A viral video on Facebook recorded the wild behaviour that a penguin adopted , after seeing a bird making a forced landing on its enclosure to drink some water from the lagoon. The clip became a trend, especially in Mexico, Spain and the United States.

A group of tourists who walked through a zoo in Florida, the United States lived an experience that they will never forget in their lives, as they witnessed the fun confrontation that a penguin and a bird starred in the leadership of their territory.

The viral recording shared on Facebook showed the moment when a bird landed on the shore of a lagoon to drink some water, without imagining that a furious penguin was stalking it from the deep lagoon. For this reason, the animal did not miss the opportunity to chase him at the tip of pecks, but the elusive bird slipped away to avoid being hit.

After several minutes, the voracious penguin failed to catch the mischievous bird, which in more than one occasion escaped its claws with its expert flight. The viral video was shared on Facebook by the β€œ LAD bible ” page, which accumulated more than 170 thousand views, 898 shares and 400 comments.

“It’s like you’re chasing me around the house”, “he never gives up”, “the seagull is like, brother, get away from me”, “the penguins look so elegant in the water … in the land not so much! ”the users wrote in social networks .



Source: La Republica