Facebook Viral: Huge Bear Does Not Support Heat Wave and Makes an Extreme Dive to Cool Down [VIDEO]

A tourist recorded in a viral Facebook video the precise moment in which a bear made a fun dive into its artificial lake and unleashed laughter in thousands of users.

It stole the hearts of thousands of Facebook users. An afternoon of fun at the Department of National Parks and Wildlife in Thailand became for a group of tourists the best show of their lives, as they witnessed the curious reaction of a black Asian bear to cool off from the intense heat that comes lashing Asian countries.

Facebook’s viral recording recorded the radical technique that a bear used to escape the suffocating heat produced by his thick coat and that kept him uneasy, during his stay in the reduced space. The clip became viral in Mexico, Spain and the United States.

It is worth mentioning that this Asian black bear was rescued from poachers 12 years ago when it was still a puppy; for that reason, it was raised in a natural reserve, without imagining that at some point it would need its natural environment to protect itself from the intense heat that plagues countries as a result of global warming.

The enormous creature was placed in the corner of its lagoon and dropped like a rag doll, immediately unleashing laughter in thousands of Facebook users, who did not hesitate to criticize the zoo for holding captive a wild creature that should be free in its natural environment.

“I feel so bad for the animals in captivity”, “quite sad when it comes to a suffering animal in a concrete prison”, “real images of an imprisoned animal that is probably going crazy”, “poor bear to live in this concrete hole”, were the messages left by Internet users on social networks.

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Watch the Facebook viral video here:


Big Bear Flops Into Swimming Pool

Actual footage of me during this heatwave 😂💦

Posted by UNILAD on Tuesday, July 23, 2019