Experts Called for Legislative Banning of Killer Whales and Beluga Whales

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It is impossible to create acceptable conditions for the existence of marine mammals in captivity, therefore catching killer whales, beluga whales, dolphins for oceanariums should be prohibited, said Tatiana Denisenko, a microbiologist at the Moscow Scientist Academy of Microbiology, said.

Speaking at the central office of Interfax, she explained that marine cetaceans required, firstly, giant pools so that animals could move and hunt freely, and, secondly, very powerful “superfilters” for water. The microbiologist explained that marine mammals, living in oceanariums, suffer from pathogenic microflora, which also has anthropogenic origin. This problem is solved by powerful disinfection, which kills not only bacteria, but also adversely affects the health of animals.

The expert explained that the life of animals in oceanariums and dolphinariums due to these factors is noticeably shorter than in the wild.

A well-known TV and radio host, Candidate of Biological Sciences Ivan Zatevakhin agrees with her. He told a press conference that he had conducted research at the Dolphinarium in the past and knows how difficult it is to maintain the health of marine mammals in such inappropriate conditions.

“I helped veterinarians to feed sick animals with a probe, and after that I became a categorical opponent of dolphin content in the dolphinarium. The point is that such terrible things that happened in Medium Bay never happen. Of course, we need to take some measures to prohibit the capture of marine mammals in our country, ”said Zatevakhin.

Experts Called for Legislative Banning of Killer Whales and Beluga Whales

In turn, Tatyana Beley, the co-founder of the Scientific and Ecological Center for the Delphine and Other Marine Mammals, Delphi, expressed the opinion that it is wrong to justify the content of dolphins and whales in the oceanariums.

“To justify this practice by saying that“ why, the children will not see dolphins and killer whales, they will not be able to touch and touch ”… Friends, children, for example, like dinosaurs very much. And this does not mean that they will love them less (if they cannot see and touch them in captivity – IF). And if a child has a dream – to communicate and swim with dolphins, it will motivate them to go to the sea, learn to swim and meet them on an equal footing, ”said Belay.


Source: Maritime News of Russia