Exhortation in Yucatan Mexico to Fishermen to Report Pirates

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With risk on the high seas…

The assailants on the high seas operate on the coast, they have committed robberies in Telchac as well as in Chuburna and Celestun, so the fishermen are asked “not to fall asleep”, that if strangers approach them, they pick up their ships and leave, “To warn us so we can operate,” Vice Admiral Carlos Humberto Lanz Gutiérrez, commander of the IX Naval Zone, said yesterday.

“The point is that when they see them, at that moment alert the authority, but if they will do it four hours after they are found and take them to port, we can hardly do something,” he added.

Lanz Gutiérrez indicated that the investigations into the latest robberies at sea are progressing and hope to have good news soon, as it was said in recent days by the Secretary General of Government, María Fritz Sierra.

Interviewed in the Military Zone where he attended the ceremony of the Day of the Army -of which we reported in a separate note-, the vice admiral said that in the case of robberies on the high seas he already had a “short meeting” with the fishermen.

The commander pointed out that the Navy has a presence on the Yucatan coast and runs it by sea constantly, but they are more than 350 miles long and, although they are distributed along the coast, it is not possible to cover everything.

“That’s why we ask the fishermen to establish a communication procedure, so that when they want to approach vessels whose navigator they do not know, at that time they raise their ships, go elsewhere and do not fall asleep, because on many occasions they go fishing, they fall asleep and in that moment the pirates fall, “he said.

The interviewee said that after being attacked at sea, “when they want to react or warn someone they can not, they remain at sea until someone arrives and helps them because they have no way to communicate.”

He also commented that when they attack fishermen in the sea they take everything away, “but if they are not asleep, if they see the boat approaching they have the possibility to notify, then we have the information and we can act”.

“That part is what we have always asked the fishermen, when they have this problem go and put this complaint to the appropriate authority to be followed up, with the numbers of the engine and others.

Exhortation in Yucatan Mexico to Fishermen to Report Pirates

“With that, the ministerial authority that is responsible for doing that work, the investigation, can be tracked, but the complaint has to be made, without which it is difficult to do something,” he added.

The commander reported that since he came to take charge of this Zone and to date he already has at least three reports of theft in the high seas. But according to the meeting he had with the fishermen of the cooperatives, about 40 more were talked about and this happens along the entire coast.


Source: Yucatan MX