Epic Fight ‘to Death’ Between Ferocious Komodo Dragons Caught in Video [VIDEO]

You will be speechless. Thousands on YouTube can not believe that he has filmed the fight ‘to death’ that had two ferocious komodo dragons and that soon became viral on social networks.

Nobody could have imagined it. A video posted on YouTube has left thousands of people in the social networks totally shocked, as it shows us the ‘death’ fight that had two ferocious komodo dragons that quickly became a trend all over the world.

In the viral YouTube video you can see two Komodo dragons looking at each other, they feel ready to fight in front of several people gathered around. The reptiles smell when suddenly one of them stands on his two legs with the help of his immense tail and attacks his rival .

The other lizard , does not stay behind and immediately performs the same as his opponent trying to pull him down by the strength of his body, however, both resist, but after a few moments, the attacker falls and his opponent falls on top of him, winning the battle .

These battles are great exhibitions in Indonesia , they are like Greco-Roman fights in which one tries to defeat the opponent with keys and projections using only the upper part of the body. No bites, no scratches, only force determines the winner.

These huge lizards, despite being lethal , feed mostly on carrion, the few times they hunt they do ambush their prey, which includes birds, invertebrates and mammals.

Thousands of YouTube users were very shocked to see the battle that is usual in Indonesia . Below we leave you the original publication that was published on Instagram and shared on other social networks.



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