Epic Fail As She Tries To Jump On Inflatable Water Float On A Windy Day (Hilarious VIDEO)

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You will kill yourself with laughter. The protagonist of the Facebook video starred in a shameful moment when doing an extreme dive in the pool to impress her friends; However, it was ridiculous.

She never imagined it. A young woman from Guadalajara, Mexico has become ‘famous’ on Facebook and other social networks after viralizing a video that shows the shameful moment recorded in a pool, where she tried to demonstrate her talent for swimming. The clip became a trend in a few hours in countries like Argentina, Spain and the United States for the unexpected end.

True to her style, the young woman wanted to make the most of her university vacations and encouraged her classmates to accompany her on her aquatic adventure, despite her little knowledge in swimming. In the viral video of Facebook the woman is appreciated with a lifeguard to avoid any accident, without imagining that she would be the protagonist of a fun bloopers .

When it was the young woman’s turn to demonstrate her swimming skills, she quickly grabbed her float, but never suspected that the wind that hit the pool would play against her at the precise moment she made an extreme dive.

In the viral recording of Facebook it was appreciated when the woman little or nothing cared for the strong wind and threw her lifeguard into the air, causing the object to end up heading to the left, far from its target. Neither short nor lazy, the girl followed him, calculated his jump and tried to dive into the pool, not imagining that he would receive a blow.

The viral video on Facebook showed the funny moment when the girl hit her body against the pool water in its attempt to fall over his life , but was unsuccessful. The clip was shared by the “LADbible” page, which accumulated more than 500 thousand views, 1 472 shares and 5 535 comments.

“Sometimes Mother Nature has no precise”, “ouch, I know how much that hurts”, “I do not know how to swim, it really makes my hair stand on end”, “we are on vacation”, “I feel it would be me”, they wrote Users in social networks .

Watch the viral video of Facebook:


Source: La Republica