Enigmatic Creature Emerges From The Depths Of The Sea And Surfer Bumps Into The Animal (YouTube Viral VIDEO)

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The protagonist of the viral video on YouTube, who was surfing on the beach in New Zealand, was shocked to notice the presence of the mysterious creature that swam under the board. Did it attack him?

He never imagined it. A young surfer has generated surprise in thousands of YouTube users, due to the viral video he shared on social networks, where the enigmatic sea creature that swam next to him can be seen. The images have been able to record the appearance of the huge animal. For more details, keep reading this note.

“It appeared about 10 cm from the back of my board. I got a little nervous and thought: ‘what are you going to do?’ He approached slowly and grabbed my board and I shouted: ‘What are you doing? It was quite rare, but very amazing at the same time , “he explained the star of the viral video on YouTube.

The incredible encounter that the surfer had with a ‘mysterious creature’ on the Kuaotunu beach in New Zealand was known through the Newflare archive on YouTube.

What appeared? As you can see in the first minutes of the most watched viral video on YouTube, the athlete was surprised by a killer whale that swam a few inches from his board. Immediately, when the man noticed the presence of the animal, he took out his camera to register it.

It is worth mentioning that whales, unlike sharks, do not usually attack people, except if they feel attacked. Also, there is no known case of a whale’s attack on a human.


Watch here the viral YouTube video:



Source: La Republica