Engine Failure Leads to NEAR DEATH Experience for Family on Speed Boat

After an engine failure in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a family is left in a dangerous position near very large and sharp rocks. Their speed boat ended up stalling extremely close to the rocks and before they could get the boat running again, a few large waves started to throw them into the rocks.

We can also see in the video clip that many people are trying to get close in order to help, as well as a guy on a Sea Doo. But unfortunately it was just too dangerous of a spot to get close and eventually one last huge wave ended up throwing the boat sideways, causing it to flip over and crash right onto the rocks.

Standbys were shocked at what was occurring and rushed down to help before the clip cut off. A very unlucky engine failure and place for it to happen. Hopefully the family all made it out uninjured.

Source: Liveleak.com