Endangered Dugong Trying to Get Annoying Pests off His Back

On November 1, 2018 in Red Sea, Egypt, a diver caught a dugong hanging around the ocean floor. The only problem was that there were two persistent suckerfish trying to attach themselves to it. The dugong proceeds to flip and spin around trying to throw them off, causing sand to fly everywhere leaving the diver surrounded in dust while trying to film the event. The diver said this in explanation.

“An endangered Dugong wallowing in the sand on the sea floor in an attempt to get rid of pesky remoras. Dugongs behave that way often in the presence of divers believing remoras, or suckerfish, removed during wallowing will change host and attach to the diver, Sometimes it works.”

So it seems this a regular occurrence in the everyday life of a dugong. As well, it seems they are used to seeing divers. Like the diver in this video said, they usually try to transfer their suckerfish to the diver instead. Very interesting footage allowing us to get a high definition look at an endangered species belonging to the order Sirenia.

Source: ViralHog