Egypt And France Initiate Military Exercises In The Mediterranean

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Cairo, July 2 (Prensa Latina) Egypt and France initiated the military exercise joint annual Rameses 2019 with the participation of naval, air and special two countries’ forces, today announced the spokesman for the Egyptian armed forces, Tamer El-Refaie.

The spokesman said in an official statement that the main purpose of the maneuvers is to strengthen and promote military cooperation; and detailed that the French side is participating with the aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle and his combat group, in addition to several Rafale aircraft. 

The Egyptian side is joining the exercises with maritime training of frigates, modern rocket launchers, several F-16 fighter jets, Rafales and members of the Egyptian naval special forces, Refaie added. 

The simulations include the execution of a series of activities that contribute to unify the concepts and operational skills to plan and monitor the joint naval and aerial combats.

Its objective is to improve the skills of the participating naval and air forces and promote a combat exchange and field experience to execute any common threat in any circumstance, the statement said. 

According to the note, Rameses 2019 is done from the perspective of a growing military cooperation between Egyptian and French armed forces to meet the challenges facing maritime security in the region and the protection of vital objectives in the Mediterranean. 

Egypt And France Initiate Military Exercises In The Mediterranean


Source: Prensa-Latina