Ecologists Remove More Than 40 Tons Of Garbage From The Pacific Ocean (Heartbreaking VIDEO)

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The Ocean Voyages Institute recently announced the successful cleanup of more than 40 tons of fishing nets and plastics that drifted in waters north of the Pacific Ocean.

According to specialists, it is a point of the vast marine extension where four oceanic currents converge, creating a vortex that accumulates enormous amounts of waste. The oceanic current known as Giro del Pacifico Norte contains about 1.8 billion plastic objects weighing around 80 thousand tons. That mass of waste is between Hawaii and California and covers an area that equals three times the territory of France.

The mission of cleaning Ocean Voyages Institute , concluded on 22 June, lasted for 25 days. This year ornot of the main objectives of the work focused on the collection of “ghost” networks, fishing gear abandoned in the sea that, as they move, accumulate plastic debris, trap wildlife and even often cause disturbances to navigation when entangled in the propelles of ships.

“Fishing” in the Pacific Ocean with GPS

A key part of the success of this year’s operations in the Pacific Ocean was the use of beacons with Global Positioning Satellite (GPS), equipped with a line or line to “fish” what is Ecologist group denominates “marine monsters”. “We just had to mark the course of our boat directly to where the trash was,” they said.

According to conservative estimates, some 600,000 tons of this material end up in the oceans each year, while United Nations agencies warn that some 380,000 marine mammals die every year to ingest them or get trapped in them.


Source: 5Septiembre