Dying Turtle Found Trapped in Toxic Cables,Fights to Be Released and Something Amazing Happens [VIDEO]

Video was viralized on Facebook. A group of soldiers became the ‘heroes without a cloak’ of a giant turtle, dying on the shore of a polluted sea.

A moving scene. A Facebook viral video showed the incredible effort made by a group of soldiers to rescue from death a dying turtle, which was entangled between the toxic cables thrown by the sea contaminated by man’s hands. The clip became a trend, especially in Mexico, Spain and the United States.

The Facebook viral recording recorded the touching moment when three rescuers came to the distress call of a group of bathers, who saw a huge bundle stranded on the shore, approached and saw how a huge turtle was fighting for its life to free itself from toxic cables.

Without a second thought and with the help of a pair of scissors, the military group managed to free the frightened turtle that fell into a death trap. The Facebook viral video captured the moment when the soldiers cut the dangerous toxic cables and released the animal that was immortalized in a truly moving scene.

Once free, the turtle was taken by the group of men to the shore so that the water would remind it of its natural habitat and encourage it to enter the sea depths. As in a moving scene immortalized on Facebook, the reptile stretched its legs and led its body into the Pacific Ocean.

The viral video was shared on Facebook by the “Viral Press” page, which accumulated 400 thousand reproductions, 200 shared and 150 comments. “God bless both of you for taking the time and effort to rescue this beautiful sea turtle,” was read on social networks.

Here’s the original video shared on Facebook and YouTube