A Duck Was Trapped in The Frozen Channel And This Brave Man Took the Risk to Save It. [VIDEO]

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Through YouTube , the precise instant in which a subject risks his life to save a duckling trapped in a frozen channel in Russia went viral .

The vivid moment in which a cute duckling is rescued from a frozen channel by a brave man who risked his life went viral on YouTube .The subject took hundreds of palms from users who were thrilled to see it.

The low temperatures in St. Petersburg, Russia that descend to minus 9 degrees centigrade, have caused the lakes and canals to freeze completely. This resulted in a duckling being trapped. Even though he fought, he could not get his legs off the ice.

A young volunteer decided to save the poor animal from certain death, although he risked his life in the attempt, since the ice under him could be broken by the weight. However, he knew that the life of the small animal was worth the risk.

Little by little it descended towards the frozen channel with the help of another man, who held a rope that had held it, in case a misfortune happens. Stealthily, the man slides to the duck that fluttered many times to get out.

Watch the video here