Dubai Mogul Took His “Kittens” to Bathe On The Beach

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While the majority of Peruvians are suffering from the intense heat wave that is sweeping Lima. A Dubai mogul decided to take his “kittens” out to cool off at the beach.

As you know, in Dubai it is normal to see large wild animals as pets, such as tigers, lions and elephants. That is why, a user leaked through Facebook a video where he sees how a tycoon in this country released his “tender kittens” on the beach.

“Meanwhile in Dubai “, In the images you can see three tigers, including two white ones, which are not seen in any country. The cats are happy playing on the beach while their owner is recording them.

“They are having it better than us”, “They are enjoying, while we are suffering from the heat”, “I would like to be like them, the heat is unbearable”.

On the other hand, some citizens commented that it did not seem nice to see the animals outside their natural habitat, because they should be in the jungle and not on the beaches of any country. However, the images of the tigers have marvelled and captivated thousands of people, because they look like they are having so much fun.


Source: La Republica