Drone Over Ocean Catches Something Creepy Stalking Kids At The Beach (VIDEO)

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A video went viral in networks in recent days, because  a drone captured the moment when a white shark approaches the beach.

The moment was captured by a drone, which flew over the shore of the beach and recorded some children playing.

In this season thousands of people attend the different beaches to enjoy the hot weather and the sea.

This was the case of this family, who was on vacation without thinking that a misfortune was close to happening.

The moment was captured by The Rogue Drone who shared it on his official YouTube channel.

In it, a white shark can be seen emerging from the depths of the ocean and swimming towards the shore.

When he realized what was happening, he alerted his wife who ran to get the children out of the water and get them to safety.

All this happened on the beaches of Australia, where fortunately nothing happened and everything was alright.


Source: kebuena