Drone Captures Terrifying Moment When Man Hanging Over a River Almost Falls from a Thousand Meters High (VIDEO)

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Every day the number of people increases in search of exciting things; the sport ends will give people a touch of adrenaline they desire. Some practice parachuting or climbing, looking for new challenges that allow them to ‘feel alive’.

The problem with this type of sports is that sometimes situations can be quite ‘extreme’, even putting in danger the life of who is practicing such activity.

Recently a drone captured some images in which one can observe the tense moment when a slackline professional loses his balance and fails the test of crossing between two cliffs.

The feat was performed in Kjerag, Norway, at a thousand meters high and thanks to the safety that was used, the man was able to finish the test without major complications.

What is the slackline?

The slackline is a balancing sport, in which a flat rope is usually held about two inches of nylon or polyester between two fixed points.

It emerged back in the 80s in the Yosemite Valley when two climbers, Adam Grosowky and Jeff Ellington, began to walk on loose ropes, park chains; all as a form of training. Little by little they began to use their climbing equipment and this is how what is known today as slackline came about.

It is not the same as tightrope walking, since this is done with a very tense metallic cable and in the slackline the tape has suspension and rolling; therefore, it becomes so difficult at the beginning.

So far there are some interesting records in this sport:

    • Highest Slackline: The record was obtained by Nico Aimone on October 23, 2014, in Santiago, Chile. The slackline had a maximum height of approximately one thousand meters.

  • Longest Slackline: The record has the Germans Damian Jörren and Stefan Junghannß when on June 4, 2010 crossed a tape with the length of 306.8 meters.


Source: La Neta Noticias