Driving Past A River He Sees Two Ears Just Above The Water It’s Incredible What He Does Next (VIDEO)

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The 27-year-old man did not hesitate before rushing into the cold water to help the little deer.

Marc Headon and Jamie Toyne, two Gainsborough house painters in the north-east of England, were driving in their home country when an unusual scene caught their attention.

“We did not come back when we crossed the canal at Saxilby and we saw ears sticking out of the water,” Toyne wrote on Facebook.

“We got out and we saw that it was a baby deer who was struggling to keep his head out of the water. He was seconds away from drowning. He might have spent hours there. Marc jumped right away and saved him, “he added on the social network.

In the images accompanying the publication, we can see Headon jump into the water underwear and swim to the fawn to come to his rescue.

Once he had the baby deer in his arms, the brave hero brings him to the shore where his colleague Toyne, who was filming the scene, interrupts his recording to pull him out of danger.

In another video, we can also see Headon put the animal back on their feet and try to comfort him, who seems to be in shock after his misadventure.

According to the Daily Mail, Headon would then have stayed with the young deer for forty minutes, in underwear, waiting for help to arrive.

They finally moved to a friend’s house in a van to be able to provide an address to the wildlife protection service to pick up the poor animal.


Source: Journal de Montreal