Dramatic Rescue Of A Woman Trapped Inside Her Car Completely Submerged In Mesa Canal (VIDEO)

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A driver went to the bottom of a water channel after losing control of her vehicle due to bad weather in an area of ​​the United State . 

The Mesa Fire and Medical Assistance Department in Arizona managed to get the driver out of harm’s way, who apparently lost control of her vehicle due to the monsoon season hitting the area.

The emergency services reported that the woman, whose identity remained in reserve but who was around 50 years of age, managed to survive thanks to an air pocket that formed inside her car.

“It’s the only explanation we have,” Dean Morales, captain of the special operations team of the Mesa Fire Department, told ABC 15. “She was very fortunate.”

Morales said that firefighters generally do not attempt underwater rescues unless they have the right equipment but in the situation seen in Facebook’s viral video , they had to act immediately.

One of the first rescuers on the scene was able to enter the water channel, force one of the vehicle doors and remove the woman, which resulted in minor injuries. It was reported that before his car went to the bottom of the water, he managed to contact the authorities.

Facebook’s viral video, shared by the CHIVE page, has thousands of views and hundreds of comments so far, in which many praise the rapid action of firefighters to rescue women.


Source: Trome