Dramatic Rescue of a Dog That Ended up Under a Layer of Ice, Garbage and Debris (VIDEO)

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What looked like a simple operation was complicated when the scared dog took a false step and disappeared into the water.

A person passing by the place notified the authorities of the presence of a dog trapped in the middle of the ice, in the Milwaukee River, in Wisconsin (USA).

Policemen and members of the coast guard went to their rescue, using an inflatable boat and suits to withstand subzero temperatures.

The man who jumped into the water saw how the animal, instead of going to his arms, decided to move away from him.

The garbage and debris floating in the river made the task of the coast guard even more difficult.

When the rescue worker had it less than two meters away, a layer of ice moved and caught the weak pet that disappeared, amid the cries of anguish of the witnesses who recorded the rescue from a bridge.

But the man, in a quick and risky maneuver, jumped on the ice and sank his arms in the mud, to remove the animal and save it at the last second.

An effort that was worth it. The dog was put to safety and, his saviour, he won with all the merits the title of hero.


Source: Noticias Caracol