Dozens of Tourists Rescue an Incredibly Stranded Whale in Brazil [VIDEO]

A heroic scene captured on Facebook shows us the moment when vacationers from a beach came together to rescue a huge cetacean.

Through Facebook the story of a viral video was known in which a large group of swimmers find a giant whale that had been stranded in the sand, after which they make the decision to do everything possible to return it to its home in the ocean. The unusual fact left thousands speechless, so it quickly became a trend in social networks.

Whales have sometimes found themselves in a situation of life or death if they get too close to the coast in search of food, as is the case of the viral video on Facebook, where a huge cetacean appears next to dozens of vacationers.

The marine animal was exposed on the seashore, a situation that surprised people who enjoyed the paradisaical beaches of Brazil. Upon realizing the whale’s problem, the swimmers ‘jumped’ collectively to rescue it.

As can be seen in the viral Facebook video, dozens of community members ran to the beach to help the cetacean and return it to the depths of the sea. However, it was not an easy task for bathers because of the weight of the sea creature.

When they finally achieved their purpose, the people shouted their rescue with great euphoria and the immense whale, returning to the deepest waters, bid them farewell by ‘fluttering’, a gesture of repeated gratitude.

Thousands of users from Brazil, Mexico and other parts of the world were delighted with the viral Facebook video. Through this article we share with you the publication recorded by one of the swimmers.