Dolphins Synchronize Diving While Chasing Speed Boat

On April 3, 2019 in Eilat, Israel, a couple of dolphins were chasing this speed boat while doing dives and having fun. In the video we can see that the dolphins are really playful and having a good time chasing the jets of the boat.

Cameraman had this to say in explanation. “I have seen a lot of dolphins in the Red Sea in Eilat, Israel while fishing around. They’re really friendly and nice. I captured some dolphins jumping out of the water, chasing the jets.”

The beauty of dolphins is their fantastic ability to dive in and out of the water while maintaining high speeds of swimming. We see in this video that they can be playful and fun even way out in the ocean. Not threatened by the speed boat the dolphins make a playful chase of the boat which made for a great video clip.

Source: ViralHog