Dolphins Play with Strange Object, Without Imagining the Great Danger they were In [VIDEO]

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A group of dolphins find a strange object in the water, without imagining the great risk that their lives were running. 

The video has left a lot to think about for the thousands of users who viewed the clip shared by BBC Earth, and it is that the dolphins had no idea what could be treated.

Several researchers are observed diving with a group of dolphins. Laura, one of these beautiful mammals, saw that Angela Ziltener, one of the scientists who dived next to her, moves her hand away with a plastic bag, feels very curious about the object and approaches her to inspect it better.

Researchers who have studied these Red Sea animals more than 10 years ago have been very concerned about what plastic can do to their dolphin organism, if they swallow it.

Efforts to conserve our oceans have meant that many people clean beaches, however, more than 8 million tons of plastics reach our oceans every year around the world, which can kill the animals that live in them.

 “We need to eliminate plastic bags from our lives”.


Source: La Republica