Dolphins Play ‘Catch’ With A Poisonous Puffer Fish To Feel Narcotic Effect [VIDEO]

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Via YouTube Some dolphins discovered the narcotic effect produced by a poisonous puffer fish and began to play with ‘catch it’.

Amazing. On YouTube it was shared an impressive video showing a group of young dolphins playing pass with blowfish, so their venom will produce a narcotic effect. The clip shared by the BBC has become a trend in several social networks.

Some naughty dolphins became the protagonists of a recent video shared on YouTube and their curious history has gone around the world, surprising millions of users.

According to the BBC, the group of young dolphins were expelled from their herd for being “too many rebels”, that is why these cetaceans gathered to travel together and discover what is in the sea.

With an average of two years, males have joined together to form gangs that travel the sea in search of emotion and other creatures to interact.

It was on this trip, that a video could be filmed, which was then shared on YouTube, in which a robotic spy fish was sent that captured how these dolphins catch a puffer fish and throw it from side to side to play with he.

As seen in the YouTube viral video, the cruel dolphins hold the puffer fish in their mouths, making sure not to swallow or kill the little creature, while obtaining the narcotic effect produced by their venom.

Thousands of YouTube users were surprised to see that these dolphins leave their victims alive, after they get tired of playing.


Source: La Republica