Dolphins Commit Suicide In A Mass Stranding On An Island In Africa (VIDEO)

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More than 163 dolphins commit suicide on Boa Vista Island in Africa. During a massive stranding where 136 died, I weighed the help of volunteers who tried to return them to the ocean.

On the coast of an island in Africa, more than 130 melon-headed dolphins lost their lives when volunteers began to try and reinstate them after they were stranded, however, the cetaceans returned to the shore and died.

This event took place on September 24 on Boa Vista Island in Cape Verde. Inhabitants helped to get them out into the sea after a massive stranding, but it was not possible to save their lives.

Approximately 163 dolphins were seen on the seashore, and an estimated 136 of them died.

The BIOS Environmental Organization said they had no explanation for what happened, however, they took the bodies of several dolphins to examine them. Veterinarians from the Institute of Animal Health of the University of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria in Spain travelled to the coast of Cape Verde to support the research efforts.

Dolphins are 2 to 3 meters long and are strict carnivores. They are the most intelligent species that inhabit the planet. They are on the coast and interact with the human beings.

To communicate with other cetaceans, dolphins use jumps, sounds and movements to communicate, orient and hunt their prey.


Source: Los40