Dolphin Surprised His Carers with Several Kisses on the Cheeks [VIDEO]

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A loving dolphin with her caregivers who dared to give her tender kisses on the cheeks.

The animals are still the kings  due to their occurrences and mischief, this time a small dolphin has stolen the hearts of thousands.

A dolphin found at the Sea World Aquarium in the United States, in charge of caring for the life of marine animals.

The dolphin had finished giving a show in his special space, when he was approached by his two carers to spend a relaxed moment with the marine animal .

The caretakers of the dolphin approached him to feed him, but when they were placed next to the animal, he surprised them by giving them tender kisses on the cheeks. He even took turns, showing his happiness. 

Each time the dolphin kissed his caretakers when they asked, the animal made a sound that seemed like joy. This scene unleashed the laughter of the people who were in the place.

They show the tender action of the dolphin; however, some felt that they should “release the marine animal” and “leave it in their natural home”.

“But what a beautiful dolphin”, “this creature must be free in the ocean”, “they do not know what problems they have and that’s why they are in that place”.

Source: La Republica