Dolphin Has Fun Juggling a Jellyfish While Surprised Visitors Watch It. [VIDEO].

Shocking. Facebook shared the merciless game a dolphin played with a jellyfish while swimming in the Danish Sea.

A Facebook viral video has impressed thousands of users, as it reveals the ruthless game of a dolphin with a jellyfish at sea. The young man who captured the scene from his boat, became a trend in Mexico, the United States and Spain.

Dolphins are charismatic animals for many people, as well as being one of the most intelligent creatures on the planet. However, one scene has caused their tenderness to be reconsidered by several users on social networks.

And is that a man named Joachim Thordsen, posted on Facebook, the shocking scene in which one of these cetaceans makes a shocking action in the sea of Denmark.

As can be seen in the Facebook viral video, the subject filmed a dolphin having fun juggling a jellyfish. The mammal threw the poor jellyfish upwards with its snout, making it fly through the air over and over again.

The cetacean seemed to be amused by his game, as he deliberately put his mouth in the water for the jellyfish to splash as it fell to the surface.

Dolphin spotted juggling with jellyfish

Just your average juggling act. 🐬

Posted by BBC News on Saturday, August 10, 2019